Meet Jamie Reid

Since Jamie was a young child he has had a strong affinity with horses.

He has extensive experience in the horse industry with experience competing at state and National level, in Dressage, Show Jumping, Three Day eventing, Polocrosse, and Horsemanship.

Jamie has over 30 years experience instructing at various levels. Jamie holds a Level B PCAQ Instructors, NCAS Level 1 and is fully insured and holds a current first aid certificate.

Horsepower Queensland has come about his connection, and is however not about accolades and recognition in the horse arena, it is far from that.

A note from Jamie

“ Riding and working with horses is more a way of life for me rather than a hobby. Having the pleasure to interact with such majestic animals is truly a gift that you should not pass up if you ever get a chance. Playing with horses everyday has given me the opportunity to grow in so many ways I would never had the chance to without them, as the horse is just a mirror image of you. If you take note every day you will start to see patterns emerge once you realise a pattern you can start to go about changing it to a new empowering belief system.

I enjoy nothing more than helping people realize their full potential through the eyes of the horse, helping them smash down the belief patterns and imprinting new empowering beliefs. Whether it be going on a trail ride or jumping or competing dressage it is all the same, it is about connecting with you.”

Jamie Reid, Founder – Horsepower Queensland